• Did you know that right now our garden is planted with tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, squash, and raspberries?  Did you know that this year we'll be giving most of our produce to the new food pantry at Ballard Vale?

  • This Sunday, July 2, our worship moves to the West Parish Cemetery Chapel.  We'll go from our classic 19th century New England meetinghouse with its tall, clear windows and white walls, to the Romanesque-style chapel with its stained glass windows and wooden trusses.

  • As we all know, June is Pride month! A time for LGBTQ+ folks to celebrate their lives, loves, families and dreams.  A time for everyone to celebrate the beautiful diversity of God's people and rejoice in the gifts that we each to bring to the world.

  • Do something nice for yourself! Honor your spirit with what brings you joy!  Let yourself have that donut once in a while :)