• We are called to love our neighbors-- all of our neighbors.  And loving our neighbors means supporting them, standing with them, and working for their safety and joy. "Love you neighbor as yourself", said Jesus.

  • We need each other, and we need ALL of our gifts and voices.  So if you are leaving a ministry this month, or stepping into a new role, thank you!!  Your unique presence and voice and perspective are what makes us the church!


  • What we do as a church when we include, reach out, invite, welcome, gather and listen is nothing short of miraculous and life-giving.  We are the body of Christ!  Every member belongs to the whole!  Let's not take for granted the profound importance of who we are and what we do!

  • Sometimes these unthinkable horrors are far away, in nations and places that we can scarcely imagine.  And sometimes, the horror happens right down the street, in a place that we know, on a sidewalk where we stood just the week before.