A Day to Give Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks, to be with family, to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Even if we don't typically celebrate a "traditional" Thanksgiving, it's hard to escape the expectation that Thanksgiving means gathering around the table with loved ones. And this year, it's dangerous to do that. Some of us will spend the day alone. Some of us will be with just one other, or with kids, or maybe one or two folks will carefully join us. Whatever our plans, tomorrow will be a very different Thanksgiving, one tinged with grief and fear.

I invite you to reflect on the words of Nora McInerny that I shared on Sunday: "Our grief and our gratitude are not in competition with one another. They do not cancel each other out. We need space for each of them – always – but especially now."

So tomorrow, perhaps we can name our heartache, grief and exhaustion. Perhaps we can look across the table (or at the face on our Zoom call) and say, "I am so sad that -- is not here." And perhaps we can also lift up our gratitude for gifts both large and small. Perhaps we can look across the table (or at the face on our zoom call) and say, "I am so glad you are here."

Blessings and strength to you all, Good People. May you find just the right place for YOU to honor the day with truth, and with hope.