Act for Justice

I hope that most of us have had a chance to read the letter from our Governing Board that proposes calling Renee Manning as our Minister in the Community.  This idea is new!  It is exciting!  It is scary!  We might have lots of questions about the proposal, questions that are practical, theological, financial or emotional.  We might wonder about the ordination process.  We might wonder about what Renee would be doing day to day.  We might wonder what it would be like to have a transgender person on our staff.  We might wonder how this could change the shape of our community.  These are all important questions!


We had about a dozen people meet after church this past Sunday, and had a wonderful discussion with many questions.  If you were unable to attend that meeting, please join us on zoom tomorrow, Thursday, at 7:00 pm. (Link below). Please come and share your concerns, hopes, fears, and questions.


We are a community that makes decisions as a body, together.  We are a congregational church, governed and led by the congregation.  So we need to hear all our voices. We need to hear everyone's wisdom and worries.  Together, we need to process this idea, think through obstacles, and dream about the possibilities. Together, we need to listen for God's whispers as we discern where we are being led, and how we might contribute to building God's realm of peace and wholeness.


This Sunday as we remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, we'll recall his words of challenge to the church: a challenge to act for justice that resonates just as loudly today.