All are welcome

This Sunday we will gather and share in communion, as we do every first Sunday of the month.  This Sunday we will also welcome new members into the West Parish community, as we do a couple times a year.  Both of these communal events, one a sacrament and one a ritual, speak to us about our church.


At our church everyone is welcome at the communion table. EVERYONE. It doesn't matter if we are not baptized or coming from another faith or doubting just about everything or have been called a sinner or are only two years old.  Everyone is welcome to receive and to share and to glimpse God's realm, in a sacred moment when everyone has enough.  In communion we enact these truths.


And at our church we promise to love and support one another.  We are a body, all connected, all important, all part of the whole.  We seek to honor each other as beloved children of God, rejoicing together and suffering together.  A faith community challenges us to expand our notion of "family" and to care for those whom we did not choose.  In receiving new members we enact these truths.


I believe these are truths that WE need to be spiritually whole, but the world (our fractured, hurting, divided world) needs them, as well. So join us this Sunday! And celebrate the wonderful awesomeness of being West Parish Church!