Anxious Times

Good people of West Parish,

These are anxious times!  At various moments in the past couple of days I have felt either certain that we’re heading into the apocalypse, or utterly calm that this, too, shall pass.   I have felt panic well up as I think about my 86 year old father, now in “lock down” in his memory unit, where we are no longer allowed to visit. And then moments later, I look out the window and there is my daughter, laughing and climbing a tree in the sunshine, happy and free. 

Both of these truths I must hold at the same time— my worry for my parents, and for all of you who may be vulnerable, and my continuing awe and gratitude at this beautiful world.

How are you?! Are you anxious for your own safety? Are you worried about your parents or older family members? Do you feel vulnerable at work? And how might we continue to be the Body of Christ, at a time when we will, very soon, need to be apart?

It is becoming clear that social distancing is needed to slow the spread of this virus, so after this Sunday, we will most likely no longer meet in-person for worship. (We are working on a way to live stream a service or message to you! Stay tuned!) Slowing the spread of the coronavirus is of the utmost importance. 

Meanwhile, this Sunday you will be in good hands with Rev. Sue and Rev. Amanda leading worship. And you may wish to check out these resources on managing in these times:

This is an excellent article about managing our worry, with helpful resources, from our Southern New England Conference of the UCC.

And from the American Psychological Association.

And on talking to kids.

Breathe, good people! Breathe. And read Psalm 91. And sing “A Mighty Fortress is our God.” And repeat the Lord’s Prayer. And breathe. God is with us. We are not alone. Thanks be to God!