Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday, the start of the season of Lent.


I find great comfort and meaning in the fact that for centuries, for generations, Christians have gathered on this day to receive ashes.  We line up to be marked by dirt.  We come forward willingly to be smeared with debris.  Why?!  Because this ancient tradition has wisdom.  As we remember our frailty, our mortality, our failings - everything else is stripped away.  Our petty strivings are revealed as empty.  Things of sacred importance solidify.  We touch on that deep place in ourselves that holds both a great well of fear and immeasurable hope. W e stoke our humility while strengthening our mercy.


Join us Ash Wednesday Outside at 6:00 pm or in the sanctuary/online at 7:00 pm. Tonight we begin our journey to MAKE SPACE in our lives.