This morning, I took my usual walk on the rail trail with my dog. It was glorious!   A few inches of snow peacefully softened every rock and tree.   The woods were still and empty. The sky began to clear and the sun hit the snow, and it all sparkled. 

I stopped walking and gazed into the woods, taking in the miraculous scene before me... and then I heard it: birds! I don't think I've heard birdsong for quite some time.   But today they were out: chirping and singing.

Years ago, I read that birdsong is a neurologically reassuring sound for we humans. That's because early humans had to look out for predators, but if the birds were singing, it was an indicator that nothing threatening was nearby.  Birdsong tells us it is safe.

Now it's certainly not all safe in our world. There is still covid and systemic racism and domestic violence and environmental destruction and poverty and addiction and so many other challenges! 

But sometimes, Good People, we need to feel safe.  So go out and listen for the birds!  Or turn on a symphony!  Or fire up that white noise app and tune it to "forest sounds"!  Because we all need to feel safe sometimes. So make a space where you can feel it.