It's for peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and buttered toast, and smearing with brie. Bread is also a frequent symbol in the bible. This Sunday, we'll celebrate World Communion Sunday and think about the meaning of bread. This service will be in the spirit of our "all ages worship" - so come with your kids, and be ready for some tactile reflecting!

Prior to Sunday, I invite you to think about your favorite kind of bread, or one that's meaningful to you.   What bread has a story or history in your family? What recipe was passed down to you?   What does squishy white bread, a hearty rye, a puffed chapati or sweet challah evoke for you?   

Bring your favorite bread with you on Sunday (outdoor AND zoom!) and during the service I'll share what some of you brought.  Email me the type of bread you'll have, and where it's from. (For example: "Jill has sourdough that she made herself. Laura has banana bread like her grandmother made. John has his favorite Italian loaf from Hannafords...") Engage your kids!  Discuss with them: What's their favorite bread? Why? What are some breads from different cultures? Go to the grocery store and explore the bread aisle. Is there one they'd like to try?  Which are unfamiliar?  Which one do they think Jesus would have blessed and broken?

I look forward to worshipping with you all on Sunday, and I look forward to seeing the many types of bread that we bring!   With our varied stories, needs, and types of bread, we will bless, break and partake, together!