Can spaetzle change the world?

There's a whole lot going on in the world, but I am thinking about food.

This week we have a fabulous opportunity to receive some good food, and a fabulous opportunity to give some good food.  BOTH are a way to love our neighbors.  BOTH are living out who we are as followers of Jesus: feeding the hungry, supporting the weak, building God's realm.

Read details about Saturday's Men's Group German Dinner that supports our scholarship porgram! (Spaetzle! Woo hoo!)  And we can also drop off nonperishable items for our food drive. (Yeah!)

Let's try to support both of these important efforts -- because it is who we are. In large and small ways, may we continue to work towards our vision that God's will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

As I'm sure I've said many times: in this time of unprecedented uncertainty, fear and strife, we can make a difference right here in our own neighborhoods. And that matters. Thank you, Good People of West Parish!

So if anyone asks us: Can spaetzle change the world?  We can answer confidently: Oh YES. Yes, it can.