Church Community

Good people of West Parish,

I sometimes hear from friends who are looking for a church.   And they visit a couple of churches nearby, and then they report: “The preacher was a little boring.”   Or, “The music was kind of stodgy.”   Or, “The paint was peeling a bit.”     

And so they keep searching.   Which I think is missing the point.   That’s not to say that there aren’t churches out there with dull preachers or slow hymns or peeling paint.   There are even churches that just aren’t right for us because of theology or personality.   

But I do think that we can’t know a church community unless we jump in and stick with it.     We need to throw ourselves in heart and soul to the journey.   We need to show up over and over and over, and allow the words and music to shape us.   We need to commit to a place in order to receive “the benefits”, which usually only come over time.

Which is why it’s inspiring to me that this Sunday we’ll hear from Ruby, Ellen, Phyllis and Dennis, who have been members of West Parish for 50 years!   They will share what these decades have meant to them and their families.   Join us for this celebration of our community!