Come and find your place

This Sunday, September 10, we will "kick off the year"!  Sunday School begins!  The choir will sing! We're back in the sanctuary!  And many of our small groups are starting up again: Men's Group. Knit Night. Women's Evening Circle. Bible Study. Preaching School.


While it's always a bit sad to see the warm and lazy days of summer disappear, it's always fantastic to have the church "start up again" in the fall.


So what will this fall look like for YOU? D o you feel like you have a "place" in our congregation?  Will you continue serving where you have for years? Will you be trying something different, whether attending a group for the first time or joining a new ministry?  Are you new to West Parish and wondering where you will fit? Are you exhausted and just needing some solace and connection?


Wherever you are and whatever you need, please do join us!  Join us in the sanctuary or online or in fellowship hall or for an evening group.  And be open to where God might be leading you-- you might be surprised :)


We are the church.  Each one of us.  All of us.  And each one of us is a needed and important member of our "body of Christ."  So come and find your place!  Be known and loved and inspired!