Come see...

Good people of West Parish,

The winds of Hurricane Florence have begun to hit the Carolina coast, and it will make landfall Friday, reportedly to bring “life-threatening conditions.”   I cannot imagine my world being turned upside down in this way- as millions of people flee to safety in their cars, board up their homes, or frantically seek supplies needed to shelter in place.   

May we hold this region in our prayers... as well as the 12,800 migrant children we are detaining, the still suffering Rohinga people, the families still grieving 9/11 losses, and... our own personal battles, heartache and illness.

Church is that rare place that can offer us both solace and perspective, support and eternity. God knows our deepest fears, and also oversees the universe.   This precise closeness and vast mystery can, I believe, help us become more resilient and compassionate.   

Come see what might happen for you this Sunday.