Good people of West Parish,


This is it! The start of the church year! (Not the start of the liturgical year — that will be December 1. Nor the start of the calendar year — that will be January 1.) This Sunday begins our year together, when the regular rhythms of our community life resume. Sunday School will be back in session! Youth Group will get together! Adult education programs begin! Men’s Group reconvenes! Women’s Evening Circle will gather! There are so many marvelous and meaningful ways for us to connect with one another and connect with God. 


You may have heard that this year we will be focusing on our “connections.” How are we connected to one another? How are we connected to our community? Join us this Sunday as we dive into this theme, and enjoy a fun activity at coffee hour. Come and connect with yourself, with others, with God and with meaning! We look forward to seeing you!