Cozy up with a blanket

This article landed in my inbox this morning, and I found it really profound.  How to find your bearings in a crisis.   Yes, I thought, how do we find our bearings when everything is chaotic and uncertain?!  The author, Ingrid Fetell Lee, writes: "We are all being forced to recalculate... The very ground on which we've built our lives is shifting, moment by moment."

I commend this article to you!  It contains some very practical and science-based suggestions to help us navigate the challenging emotional landscape we are all facing. So let us cozy up with a blanket, go easy on ourselves, and yes, admit that we are lost! :)

I also commend to you worship this Sunday!  I will be away, and Domenik will be leading the service and preaching.  Hooray!

And after worship, you have an opportunity to meet Domenik in the Children's Garden.  Parents and kids: I especially encourage you to stop by and say hello if you have not yet met Domenik.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Stay open to the joy and beauty that is within us and around us, despite the uncertainty.

God is good, all the time!