Daffodils and Snow

Lenten Travelers,

Last week, I stood in front of my house in the sunshine, clearing leaves away from daffodils. They were up 4 or 5 inches, with buds at the top! Signs of spring, ready to bloom! 

Those same daffodils are now buried under at least 12 inches of heavy snow. It's hard not to think of them, crushed under that cold weight. Which makes me think about things in our lives that feel ready to bloom, about to take off – and then are crushed: The job for which we apply and have an interview and second interview and plan our commute and imagine our new life – and then we don't get it. The school to which we apply and plan and hope and wait – and then we don't get in. The relationship which we tend and invite and offer and extend forgiveness – and we are rebuffed.

Things that feel ready to bloom are sometimes crushed. This is, of course, the foundational story of our faith: death and resurrection. So in this Lenten season, if you are waiting with hope, or dwelling in loss and disappointment, may you invite God into that space... and may you find grace and healing!