Dance in the Rain

Oh my goodness, it rained today! (I think many of you got rain a few days ago, but WAY down here in Groton, there was nothing... until today!)

The drops started lightly as I was standing in the driveway with the kids.  They had pulled me away from my laptop to show me the water bottle rocket kit their uncle had given them for Christmas. (It really did work!)

I stepped into the shelter of the garage as the rain started coming down harder.  And then suddenly - it was a crazy downpour!  Instead of joining me where it was dry, the kids danced and whooped in the rain, becoming soaked.

Remember the joy of running in the rain on a warm summer day? :)

And yet, at the end of our driveway are the Black Lives Matter signs that the kids made last week.  They know - mostly - what has been going on. Sometimes they are worried.  And yet they still dance in the rain.

I think kids are often better than we grownups at holding the both/and of life, of holding contradictory truths.  It is a beautiful Wednesday; there is joy to be found!  AND our nation is in an uproar, and things are dangerously uncertain.

May we trust that we need to dance in the rain, as well as engage with injustice. That we need to rest, as well as build the kingdom.  That we need beauty, as well as challenge.

Blessings, Good People!  May you dance in the rain, if even in spirit!