Each one of us

Good people of West Parish,

As I write this, it is Thursday morning, a little after 11 AM.   The testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh are underway.

I heard the introductions on my car radio as I returned to the church from a visit.   My heart was pounding.   I feel nervous for how Dr. Ford will be treated, what all those male senators will say to her.   I feel nervous for what message all this will send to all the women and girls – and men – in our country, who have been assaulted, not believed, or made to feel small.

Are we worth so little that this can be brushed off?!   Regardless of what truth emerges from this day, our faith requires us to honor our fellow human beings: mind, soul AND body.   Each one of us has rights.    Each one of us should be heard.   Each one of us should be honored.

NO ONE has the right to diminish us.   May it be so.