Faith and Compassion

Yes, perhaps I do have a fascination with fog!  The picture above I took yesterday morning as I walked my dog.  The fog was marvelous!- not quite as stunning as that day on Ogunquit beach, but pretty good. I  was walking around a large complex of fields, so the trees that were scattered about in clumps were gorgeously diffuse in the morning light.  I especially loved the road above, lined with trees, that stretches out into the unknown.  We cannot see where it goes!  We cannot see if it turns, or if there's an obstacle in the way, or if there's a fork that will require a choice.  We simply cannot see ahead.


Indeed.  We cannot see very far ahead.  I've shared before that a wise clergy friend once said to me as I struggled with a decision, "God rolls out the path before us only a foot at a time." I  found that immensely comforting.  


There IS a path. God IS with me.  There IS a way forward - I just can't see all of it yet. Indeed.  We are in a liminal time.  Churches can no longer make five-year plans -- in fact, that seems laughable now!  We can only stay true to our path, and move ahead into the mist, trusting that our way will be illuminated. This is a time that requires faith, and compassion, and creativity.  Thank goodness that West Parish has that in abundance!