Faithfulness and Hope in these times

We never expected that worship would look like THAT. We never expected to be singing on mute or holding our communion bread towards a screen or scheduling Zoom meetings. We never expected to be physically apart for months at a time.

But that's our reality right now. And we have been doing an amazing job staying connected! From phone calls and cards, to virtual book groups and knit nights, to choir rehearsals and Sunday School, we remain an incredibly strong church community!

But we are also eager to "get back to normal." Many of us are wondering when that might be, especially in light of Governor Baker's Monday announcement that houses of worship may re-open, with restrictions. The Governing Board met last night, and voted to remain online, which is the recommendation of the UCC

There are MANY issues and questions we must address before we can safely meet in person. Some of us may feel disappointed by this news, as we do so miss being together! But we know that a large group gathering indoors is the most risky situation.

Luckily, we are resilient and creative! I was listening to one of my usual preaching-prep podcasts this morning, and the minister said, "How do we get back to normal - is not a faithful question, and never has been. The church has forever asked: 'How do we go back?' And that's always been the wrong question. It should always be: how do we move forward."

That really struck me. YEAH! Things won't be the same. We can't "go back", and that's okay. We're the church, and we move forward: we adapt, we invent, we dream, we grow, we trust in God's guidance and purpose.

Thank YOU, Good People of West Parish, for your faithfulness and hope in these times!