Fall has Arrived!

The first day of fall was one week ago, September 22.  But this morning, I knew that fall had really arrived.  When I opened the door to let out the dog around 7:00 am, the crisp, cold air surprised me.  The leaves will soon begin to change color, and then fall to the ground, and then the frost will come, and then...

The seasonal cycle continues. Always there is change.


I am dumbfounded by the fact that it is almost October.  It seems like just yesterday it was August, and we were trying to figure out hybrid worship in the sanctuary.  And suddenly: there is just eleven days until I go on sabbatical.  Eleven days! Yikes!


I wish that I could call every single one of you before I leave and say: How are you?!  Are you well?  I'll see you in January!  But I don't have time to make 100+ phone calls :)  So if you would like to talk with me before I go - to share a pastoral concern or just to catch up - PLEASE call or email me and we will find a time.  Meanwhile, look for an email soon with more sabbatical details. Blessings to you all!