First Sunday Worship at WPC

Good people of West Parish,


As you know, the first Sunday of every month is First Sunday Worship, a service for all ages! When originally conceived over two years ago, this service was intended as a time for us to worship together as a whole congregation, and introduce children to the flow of the entire service. And it also gave us a time to explore more contemporary and kid-friendly music. We have been so very blessed to have had jazz pianist Eunhye Jeong with us for these services! While I’m sure we will see Eunhye again, this Sunday will be her last regular service with us — please join us to celebrate her time at West Parish and thank her!


What we heard from our feedback circles on music last year, is that we have a wide variety of musical preferences! Many of us love the organ. Many of us love the traditional hymns. Many of us love piano or guitar. And many of us love newer styles of music. And we also heard a preference for the newer music not to be “siloed“ into just the first Sunday of the month So now that we have hired Mila and Demetri (yay!), we will move forward with a mix of traditional and newer music in each service. Let us know what you think!


Meanwhile, First Sunday Worship will continue to be an all-ages service! We aim to make the liturgy accessible and interactive for little ones, and we share in communion altogether. (Is there a more meaningful theological act than all of us, of all ages and backgrounds, gathering at Christ’s table?!) I look forward to seeing you all this Sunday for First Sunday Worship, when we’ll welcome Cornelius, the Roman Centurion!