Give Thanks!

There are times when all of us are pretty much on the same page: Christmas! A Saturday afternoon in summer! A blizzard! On days like these, while the specifics of our day will vary, we are probably celebrating, enjoying or shoveling in sync. Yes, some of us might have to work, or some of us might be traveling, but in general, there are some shared rhythms to our days and weeks.

But not starting this weekend! For some of us, this is February vacation! A week of no school! So our families are packing up to travel, visit family, or have an adventure! And for some of us, it’s just a regular week of work or appointments. School vacation weeks are some of the few times that our lives can really diverge!

So whatever you’ll be doing starting this Friday, and wherever you will be, remember to open your eyes and give thanks — for your vacation, for your cozy home, for the privilege of travel or for the comfort of the familiar.