God weeps with us

I woke up around 3:00 am this morning, and started crying again.  Today I feel achey, my thinking is dull, and I have eaten only toast. I 'm not sick-- this is grief and despair showing up in my body.  Children gunned down in school AGAIN. How many times have I preached about gun violence?  How many times have I lit candles?  How many times have I prayed for victims and families?  Read the names?  Organized a vigil?  Written a comforting pastoral letter?  I am so exhausted by the sheer senseless horror of it all.  What else is there to say?? I think Steve Kerr, Coach of the Golden State Warriors, expressed my outrage; watch him from last night.


Jesus calls us to love our neighbors.  As people of faith, our love is not a feeling; our love is action.  Feed the hungry.  Clothe the naked.  Welcome the stranger.  Give your money to the poor.  Forgive 77 times.  Jesus calls us to DO things.  Ours is an active faith.  Our prayers ground us and offer us strength and clarity, but our prayers are not the end-- they are just the beginning.


So we will pray for those children and teachers killed in Texas.  You are all invited to a **Prayer Vigil tonight at 7:00 pm** outside at Ballard Vale Church in Andover.  We will pray again on Sunday morning. AND we will love our neighbors with our actions: speaking out, donating money, writing emails, showing up, voting. (And remember to take care of yourself: limit your exposure to news coverage, especially images, and please reach out if you find yourself unmoored by all the recent horrors.)


Justice is what love looks like in public, said Cornell West. YES. Let's make that love visible as we do God's work in the world. God weeps with us, and God keeps moving us towards wholeness.