God’s love is stronger

I had to turn off the radio the other day, because they were discussing the possibility of the United States blundering into a nuclear war with North Korea. And I just didn’t want to hear it, and worry about it. Then later, I turned the radio back on and heard about how a mentally ill man who had been abused much of his life was going to be executed in Arkansas. I shut the radio off again. Then that evening, as I checked the news headlines on my phone, I read that Massachusetts had the fifth highest number of anti-Semitic incidents in the nation in 2016. What?! I turned off my phone.

We can’t shut out what is happening in the world, and I don’t want to do so. I need to know where there is violence, injustice, fear and hatred — it feels like part of my job as a citizen and as a pastor. How can I preach the gospel without knowing to what things in the world it is speaking?! And yet… and yet sometimes it all feels like too much for one brain to hold.

So I go back to Easter, and the promise that God’s love is stronger than any power on earth. I go back to Easter and remember that new life always comes. I go back to Easter, and remember that Christ is risen, indeed! Rejoice with me, good people! Because together with God, we can face anything with hope.

Blessings for this Easter season!