God's Presence

Dear beloved West Parish folks,

On Sunday March 25th, we will celebrate the baptism of a beautiful little baby! As I reflect on this sacrament, my mind is also crowded with thoughts of those just killed in London. And as I look out my window at the deep blue sky, and see a soaring red tailed hawk, my heart sings! But my mind is also crowded with thoughts of the EPA being dismantled. And at the North Andover Panera on Tuesday, I had a warm, laughter-filled interaction with two Spanish-speaking women putting together my salad. But my mind was also crowded with questions: do they feel afraid for any family members? Have they been objects of questioning or hatred?

In this time, may we hold in our minds and hearts the messy truth of life: there are an infinite number of heartbreakingly beautiful signs of God's presence, and there is great pain and uncertainty. May we, people who follow Jesus, have the courage to hold it all, placing our ultimate trust in God's love!

Blessings as we continue our Lenten journey.