Golden Crowns!

Good people of West Parish,

We celebrated Epiphany this past Sunday, and I must say, you all looked so glorious in your shiny golden crowns!   I had a vision of all of you heading out from worship, off to the grocery store or the gas station or to visit family, still bedecked with your crowns.   And people would stare, of course.   Some might laugh.   Some might ask the reason for that crown.   And you would reply with a radiant smile, “Why, it is a sign that I am on a sacred journey!   I am following my stars toward what is holy and true!”   And those curious passersby might laugh or turn away.   But some might see your radiant smile, and your clear eyes, and be inspired to embark on their own sacred journey.

And maybe you won’t wear your shiny golden crown to the gas station or the grocery store, but you can wear that radiant smile and presence of joy!   And people just might notice, and be changed.

We now continue traveling through the Epiphany Season, all the way to Ash Wednesday on February 14.   In this season, more and more will be revealed to us about Jesus, about God, and about ourselves.   So let us keep traveling together, with our hearts and minds open to see wonders that may come our way, and stars that light our path!

Blessings everyone!