Growth...and the Acorn

Good people of West Parish, 


Yes! It’s that most wonderful time of year! That time when the magic happens! That’s right — Stewardship Season! For some of us, the traditional fall stewardship season is as expected and routine as leaves falling from the trees. We may have grown up in a similar Protestant church, so we know the drill about stewardship mailings, pledges, and those pesky sermons on money. Or maybe we’ve come from a Catholic Church, or another faith, or no faith at all! If that’s the case, all this talk of stewardship and pledges might seem puzzling.


Basically, stewardship is an umbrella term for how we "steward" - or take care of - all that God has given us. How are we good stewards of the earth? How are we good stewards of our time? How are we good stewards of our resources and money? Stewardship in churches has come to mean our theological reflections on our financial choices. And stewardship season, has come to mean that time of year when we’re asked to reflect on our giving to our church, in particular. Typically, members and friends are invited to make a "pledge", or a promise to give a certain amount of money for the coming year. This pledge allows us to build a regular practice of giving into our lives, and also allows the church to plan.


You’ll be hearing about stewardship throughout the month of November! Join us this Sunday for our stewardship breakfast at 9 AM in fellowship hall! Arrive any time after 9 AM to enjoy yummy food and a chance to reflect on the value of West Parish. Then come to our all-ages service when we’ll introduce our stewardship theme: the miraculous little acorn that grows into an oak tree. 


If at any time you have questions about stewardship, or need more information, just ask! We look forward to seeing you!