Happy Easter

Happy Easter! What a glorious day it was! A full sanctuary, the choir, trumpets, pink and white lilies, the flowered cross out front along with all the daffodils in bloom. Christ is risen! Christ is risen, indeed!


My deep gratitude to the many folks - Worship Team, Tech Team, choir members, ushers, Demetri, Larisa, Susan, and others - who spent time and energy to make this Easter so beautiful. (Our first Easter in the sanctuary since 2019!!)


Of course, the day was dampened for those at home when the sound for our live stream did not work. What an unfortunate day for a glitch!  What a disappointment for many of us!  My heart aches for those of us who could not celebrate Easter as hoped.  As I've probably said many times: we are all learning and adjusting to this new reality of "hybrid worship" and things will not always go perfectly.  I apologize, and I appreciate your patience.


AND YET: Easter is not made of trumpets or lilies or even a GREAT sermon ;) Easter happens no matter where we are or how we celebrate. In fact, Easter doesn't depend on the church, or even a particular day.  Easter Sunday is just the moment that we've chosen to remember what we should always keep in mind: We are resurrection people!  We live with hope!  We bring mercy and love to the world!  So let us keep on looking for signs of new life, and courageously proclaiming the mercy of God.  Alleluia!!