Happy New Year

It's almost the end of 2020, and I'm pretty sure that we'll all be glad to see this year go. Yes, it's been a "dumpster fire" of a year.  It's been filled with immense chaos, trauma and disruption.  The grief and suffering of this year will reverberate for each of us, and for our country, for a long time.  We have a lot of collective work to do to mourn, to heal, and to rebuild our relationships and society.

But the new year does give us an excuse to look ahead with hope!  There are so many good things on the horizon!  So many positive changes that can be made: Learnings to bring with us! Gratitude to cultivate! Justice work to build upon!  Loved ones to hold onto!  A church community that has weathered the seeming impossible and will emerge stronger, bolder, and more creative.

As we prepare to cross over into 2021, I am so very grateful for all of you, and the ways you have stuck together, taken risks, tried new things, and just plain survived. (Yes, some days, just getting through the day was enough.) 

Blessings to each one of you! And may the new year bring us health, joy and peace!