Have a wonderfully fun week!

This week I am taking three days off to be with my daughter during her April school vacation.  Like some of you, I am keenly aware of how fast the years are passing. After this week, I will have only 3 more school vacations to spend with her! (Because she is with me for half her vacations, and with her dad for the others.)  So this week feels precious!  We might not jump on a swing set like we did when she was little, but I do hope that we will have some fun.


Having fun and playing are essential for all of us, not just for kids.  Do we have any play in our lives?  When do we feel fully at-ease and in-the-moment?  Did you know there is a National Institute for Play?  (Read more about the research on and importance of play for kids and adults!)


This week, maybe all of us can try to carve out some time for play: Pull out a board game!  Watch a Netflix comedy special!  Get out your bicycle!  Dust off your clarinet! Pick some wildflowers!  Watch the robins pulling up worms!  Bake a cake for no reason and eat it on your finest china!  Walk barefoot in the grass!  Skip stones on a pond!  Go fishing!  Dance to the radio!  Spread a blanket and lie down to gaze at the stars!


What did you love to do when you were a kid?  Perhaps try it out again, and see what joy it brings.  Have a wonderfully fun week!