We're one week into Lent. And two days after passing the horrific milestone of 500,000 dead from Covid. And approaching one year of living in this pandemic. How are you holding up?! (Reminder: it's normal to not be okay.)


I hope you all received a purple bag with pot, soil and seeds. (If not, please contact me or your Care Circle Leader!) On Sunday we filled our pots with soil, sent our seeds out of sight, and added water. And now we wait and trust that new life will come.


As I mentioned on Sunday, these zinnia seeds will be a tangible symbol of our Lenten theme: healing. Here are some suggestions for this season:


1. Set up your seed pot as a reminder for a daily pause. Arrange your pot with some purple cloth, or a cross, or a stone, or whatever you like (as I've done above) and set it in a place where you'll see it frequently (kitchen windowsill, top of your dresser, etc.) Take a minute every day - just one minute! - to pause, breathe, notice what your seedlings are up to, sprinkle on some water, and name the places where you need or would like to see healing.


2. Join Domenik for a bible study to explore the healing stories in Mark- every Wednesday evening in Lent. Or print Domenik's wonderful study guide to use on your own if you're unable to attend.


3. To go deeper: Each day as you pause with your seed pot, write down on slips of paper where healing is needed in your life, your relationships, your community, our world - and tuck these notes near your pot. It's okay to write the same thing every day. It's okay to make a long list. It's okay to write out your hopes and then hide them in your sock drawer. Just notice, name, and acknowledge where healing is needed. Ask God to be with you on this journey. You might close by praying Psalm 13.