Holy Week

It is Wednesday of Holy Week.  According to Mark's gospel, today is the day that the chief priests and scribes look for a way to "arrest Jesus by stealth and kill him."  The crowds he is attracting are dangerous for all of them, especially at Passover: the Romans could respond with violence, as they have in the past. And an unnamed woman pours expensive perfume on Jesus' feet.  And Judas agrees to betray Jesus for money.  Fear, violence, devotion, hope, betrayal, lies, power, faith, oppression... We see all of this today.

And we see it all around us: in today's Transgender Day of Visibility, while laws are passed causing harm to trans kids.   In the trial of Derek Chauvin, as some continue to deny the grip of white supremacy.  In the ongoing attacks on Asian Americans, as people turn away. In the increasing coronavirus cases, as states eliminate mask mandates.

But we also see such immense devotion, hope and faith! Every day!  And tomorrow night, on Maundy Thursday, we will celebrate the immense love of Jesus, who commanded us to do just one thing: love one another as I have loved you.  Can we do this most challenging and radical thing?!