Honor All People

Good People of West Parish,

I can’t say that EVER, in my nearly 25 years working in UCC churches, have I heard abortion discussed openly.   Gun control?   Sure.   War?   Yes.   LGBTQ+ rights?   Absolutely.   Immigration, racism, poverty, the death penalty? All of the above.

But abortion?   Nope, not ever.   I don’t exactly know the reason for this, but my guess is that Christians often fall staunchly on “opposing sides“, and there can seem little space for common ground. 

Personally, I am pro-choice, and the UCC affirms reproductive freedom and is a member of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice ( — and yet I have empathy for a pro-life view. 

And YET — the restrictive legislation recently passed in a number of states chills me.   And Alabama: no exception for rape or incest?!   While at the same time Alabama has the highest infant mortality rate in the country, and 26% of its children live in poverty

I wonder what Jesus would make of this situation.

For some of us, news of these laws may be hitting us hard and frightening us.   Some of us may be angry.   Some of us may be pleased at some progress towards ending abortion.  

Wherever we fall on this issue, may we pray about how to move forward, and may we honor the health, safety and dignity of ALL people.