How you can help

Good people of West Parish,

A few Sundays ago, I forgot to mention the attack in Barcelona during our prayers of concern. "Oh no!" I exclaimed after worship. "I forgot to pray for Barcelona! I totally forgot!" And a wise person nearby, and others, too, nodded soberly – and then reflected that horror and tragedy come so frequently these days, that it's hard to keep up, and easy to forget. It's easy to let them just roll by. In fact, sometimes we must keep them from penetrating our psyches, for our own emotional health. So true! 

And now, yet another ongoing tragedy – the victims of Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. Seeing the photos of fire fighters carrying people through chest-deep water, or drenched children huddled in rescue boats. Reading about ordinary folks driving their fishing boats around the flooded streets, searching for those in trouble – heartbreaking!

If you wish to make a donation, it's incredibly easy to do so online through the

Red Cross 

or through the UCC

Let us give as we are able- and also pray for our fellow citizens!