i don't know where to begin

Good people of West Parish -

I don't even know where to begin this week.   My heart is full: my mind is spinning.   59 dead in Las Vegas, and the national conversation about guns reduces me to sobs of bewilderment.  And then there is the devastation in Puerto Rico.  The ongoing needs in Texas.  Threats of war with North Korea.  And the Russian investigation continues while envrionmental policies aer cut.  And so on....

I'm repeating myself, but it's all I know at times like these:  I am rooted in God's vision of justice and wholeness.  I ground myself in Jesus' call to be peacemakers and challengers of empire.  I listen to the gospel words of love for our neighbors, our enemies, the vulnerable and the hungry.   This is who we are, and who I will call us to be.