Good people of West Parish,

We continue our journey through the Epiphany season, more and more being revealed to us along the way.   More and more light shining upon our minds and hearts.   

This Sunday we will hear the story of Jesus calling the first disciples – calling them away from their fishing boats and nets, away from their families and homes.   Zebedee is left sitting in his boat, while his sons walk off with Jesus.   How inspiring and remarkable Jesus must have been!

We all seek people and ideas to follow, around which to shape our lives and our choices.   Many voices vie for our attention.   

Together, may we seek to place the ways of Jesus foremost in our lives.   And to me, those ways are very clear: forgiveness, compassion, generosity, non-judgment, embracing those who are vulnerable, young, sick, old, outcast or poor, and challenging the world’s categories of success and power.

It can be a tough journey, good people.   But in following this way we not only align ourselves with God’s purposes, we are bringing about God’s world of peace!