Jump In

I am back from vacation!   And I DID stare at the wall for a while, and then I stared at a lake, and then stared at the gorgeous view above: Ogunquit Beach. (I also swam, walked, watched movies and washed a lot of dishes, but there WAS some staring.   Which was good.   Have you done some staring lately? How are you taking care of yourself in the midst of so much uncertainty?)

Now I have plunged back into life at West Parish!   

And I must say: this is the most crazy busy summer that I have ever experienced in my 20 years of parish ministry.   I suppose that's to be expected: we are wrestling with a pandemic and all the decisions and planning that go along with that, we're engaging with the struggle for racial justice, there are more pastoral concerns and needs, we are searching for a new Director of Christian Education, and also beginning a church-wide faith formation program called Thriving Congregations.

In addition, our garden team, social justice group, Governing Board and Smith Purdon committee are hard at work.

WOW!  In times of anxiety and uncertainty, we know that one thing that can boost our mood and hope is to help others.  And we do that in everything we do. Each one of our zoom meetings, phone calls and decisions is strengthening our connections and our witness in the world.  Thank you!

And if you'd like to get involved, just jump in!  This is a great time to try something new at church.