Lectio Divina

Hello Westy, So, it's been a short time, but I feel welcomed and supported, so thank you for that!


Bible study group ends this Week, so next week we will shift into a spiritual practice called “Lectio Divina” on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.  If that name rings a bell, it's possibly because I mentioned it as one technique I use myself in studying scripture as well as other spiritual texts. We'll be sending out a simple format to help all who would like to try this ancient technique, though I will speak about it Sunday and will explain the technique next Wednesday as well.


Lectio Divina simply means “Holy Reading.”  Its purpose is to help us find deeper meaning in Holy texts and in the world right around us.  Part of what I love about Lectio Divina is that for centuries, regular folks like you and me were not allowed to engage in this wonderful spiritual practice, and I like to pretend I'm a bit of rebel. For a time, the Bible itself was only to be read by religious elites, then folks could read it in some capacity, but engaging the texts in search of connection to God, wisdom, spiritual knowledge?  Nope... that was to be done only by religious leaders who would then disseminate the information they thought we could handle.


One thing that I hope to do during my short time with you is encourage you to explore, engage, dig deep into scripture (and yourselves) when possible in order to encounter God at a deeper level.  We can start that journey together, and part of it can happen on Wednesday evenings.


Please don't be intimidated by fancy Latin names for simple spiritual practices. Part of Jesus's appeal is that he taught that deeper connection with God is open to all, not just a few, but to all.  Maybe it sounds complicated, or you feel silly asking about a certain practice is or how to do it. I promise- nothing we'll do will be all that complex.  In fact, the best spiritual practices are simple. All that is required is an open mind and an open heart (not necessarily in that order.)  See ya on Sunday!


Rev. Korte Yeo