Let us Join Together

This Sunday, September 11, is the Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost.  We are in Year C of the lectionary, so the gospel readings are from Luke.  We are in Ordinary Time, between the seasons of Easter and Advent.  The liturgical color is green.  All of that situates us in the church calendar.


But perhaps what really matters about this Sunday is where it situates us in our life together: we are kicking off the year!  The choir will sing!  Sunday School resumes! The Nursery is open!  We are back from vacations and weekends away! We are coming together again and - dare I say it?! - things just might feel a little "normal" this fall.


So what do we call this Sunday?  Welcoming Sunday?  Kick-off Sunday?  Re-covenanting Sunday?  It's an important day, when we resume activities and connections, but what do we call it?


The previous church I served called it "Rally Sunday", which I thought was silly and old-fashioned and could be improved-- until I actually looked up the word "rally."  Rally means: to come together for a common purpose. To come together again to renew an effort.  To join in a common cause. Is that not what we do in worship, we unite for a common purpose: following the ways of Jesus.  We renew our efforts: in seeking God and the holy.  We join in a common cause: building God's realm on earth. 


So Rally Sunday, indeed! Let us join together to renew our dedication to God, and to one another. See you soon!


Rev. Katrina