Let's talk about money

Good people of West Parish,

Years ago, I read one of those articles about how to get more people in your church.   This article reported that the top reason people gave for feeling uncomfortable in church is that they were asked for money.   So this article encouraged us pastors to tone it down: Don’t make people uncomfortable by asking for money!

Now I understand that for a first time visitor, being assaulted by a request for cash could feel inappropriate.   But in most other situations, I disagree.   

Jesus talked about money all the time!   What we choose to do with our money is an enormous part of our lives!   What we spend and where we spend it is a window into our priorities and values.   So how could we, as a faith community, not talk about money?   Most specifically, how could we not talk about our giving to our church?

So come to church this Sunday, because we’re going to talk about this year’s stewardship campaign: it’s an ask for money!   According to that article, it will make us all uncomfortable.   I certainly hope that isn’t the case, but if it is, that’s OK.   Not everything about our faith is going to be cozy.   Sometimes it will challenge us, sometimes it will shine a light into our dark corners, sometimes it will rub up against our long-held beliefs.

So don’t be afraid - come to worship on Sunday.   And then stay after church for our wonderful stewardship lunch!   Whether you’ve been coming to West Parish for one month or 50 years, whether you are a member or not, this lunch is for you. I hope to see you there!