Listening Sessions

We held Listening Sessions this past Sunday after our Outdoor Worship and our Zoom Worship. I attended the Zoom session, and it was amazing! I was so moved by the thoughtfulness of all of you who participated. Thank you so much to all of you who shared in these sessions. (And thanks to our facilitators Kate and John, and scribe, Jim!)

We reflected on: What was meaningful/joyful, what was challenging/disappointing, what surprised us, and our hopes and fears for next year.

It is so important that we reflect on these questions together. It is especially important at this moment because Church is in a "liminal time"-- it is shifting!  As our Thriving Congregations coach, Michael, said in our meeting last night,  "This is a massive shift for the church...there is no going back to normal."  Or as Jason Moore said yesterday in a webinar on Hybrid Worship, "The church has never been so malleable, or moved so quickly. (This moment) is the modern day equivalent of Guttenberg firing up the printing press." Yikes!

This might sound a bit scary, but it is also FULL OF OPPORTUNITY! Why? Because it has revealed our full potential to be creative, resilient, adaptable, connected and faithful... and this new season of church life simply calls us to continue building on these strengths.

So if you couldn't attend a Listening Session this past Sunday, please join me on Monday at 7:00 pm to reflect on the past year, and on our future.  Together, we will continue making a difference for one another, and for the world!  Alleluia!