Looking Within Ourselves

Good people of West Parish,

My phone exerts an ungodly pull on me these days. What’s the latest on the election?! I’ll just check Facebook quickly, I tell myself. What’s the latest on the coronavirus?! I’ll just look at the New York Times app for a minute, I say. And so I am inundated with articles, opinions, graphs and memes. And still I feel the tug of my phone, to check for the latest. As if that information would help me feel at peace, would help me feel some sense of control. But we don’t have much control. But we can choose how we react, and where we place our attention. We can set our phones down and gaze out the window at the tangle of tree branches, waving against the bright sky. We can breathe deeply of the fresh, clean air and give thanks for a quiet evening. We can get out of our own heads by turning our concern to those around us, those who may need support. In these tumultuous days, we have one another, and we have the abiding presence of God. As I say so often: nothing can separate us from the love of God, no power on earth or heaven! 

This Sunday, we continue our journey through Lent, focusing on forgiveness. Both in worship and in the session after church, we will be invited to look within ourselves. Where are our blind spots? What does self-awareness have to do with forgiveness? Join us, for peace, inspiration and prayer!