Love and Care

Look at this fabulous photo of Charlotte on her 101st birthday!  She got many wonderful birthday cards from West Parish folks, as well as that beautiful pumpkin, grown in our own Permaculture Garden!  Our garden team had the genius idea to deliver pumpkins to some of us who could use a splash of color and cheer! S o some of you may discover a pumpkin on your doorstep with a lovely card. (Thank you so much, garden folks!)

This is just one of the many examples of love and care that have been happening quietly over the past 6 months.  You have called one another.  Delivered groceries to one another. Sent cards.  Connected on Zoom.  Taken walks.  Prayed.  Not only are we staying connected, but we are forging new connections!

Of course, this remains a supremely challenging time.  We are still isolated.  We are anxious. We are tired.  We are grieving the life we had.  If you do NOT feel connected, or you need something from the church that you are not receiving, please speak up!  We cannot be and do everything for everyone, but I can promise that I will listen, and offer what I can.  You are not alone!  And I can offer this reassurance: God is with us, and God desires wholeness, justice and peace for ALL of us!