This Saturday is the Boston Pride Parade! And some of our members will be marching as part of the "grand dance" which will honor the 49 killed in the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando – a float will be carrying survivors! Monday is the one year anniversary of this horror.

And this Sunday is Children's Sunday! Our kids will lead worship and share their thoughts with us, and then we will cross the street for a cookout and picnic and joy on what is predicted to be a glorious summer day!

These two events may seem incongruous, but to me they celebrate the same thing: LOVE. They celebrate our love for one another, of all ages and all expressions and all configurations of family – and God's love for each one of us, whether we are a three-year-old or an 83-year-old, whether we are a single mom or a widow, whether we are a gay couple or a heterosexual couple, no matter what our gender identity or expression! We are beloved and precious, and so are our families. And this we celebrate this weekend! May all people, of all ages and in all types of families, be honored and celebrated. And may we at West Parish work towards a day when everyone will truly know honor and safety.

So join our folks on Saturday for Pride, and join us on Sunday for a wonderful celebration! Because YOU are beloved, and we need YOU with us!