Love In a Bag

Good People of West Parish,

Last Sunday morning was like a blizzard!   For a couple of hours, the snow was coming down fast.   In addition, we lost an hour!   So I was astounded that we had a pretty good crowd.

If you missed it, my sermon was about prayer, and how we don’t often speak about — but desperately need — the Christian tradition of silent prayer. (Listen to my sermon “Prayer Explained” here if you want to learn more!)

And everyone was invited to take home “Lent in a Bag.”  This is a small, white bag containing a few objects to help us create a place and focus for prayer.   If you didn’t get one, grab one this Sunday!   They are on the windowsills all around the sanctuary.   There are directions inside, and suggestions for creating your own daily prayer practice.

So yes, I challenge you to try praying every day!   Whether one minute of breathing, 10 minutes of devotional reading, or 30 minutes of contemplation, give yourself the gift of this powerful practice.   And if you’re confused, have questions or need suggestions, just be in touch with me – I’ll be thrilled to talk with you!

I will be away this weekend, taking a breather before Easter and celebrating my anniversary with Jason.   Our CE Director, Victoria, will be leading worship.   You will be treated to a thought-provoking sermon, that will continue our exploration of the wilderness of Lent.