May you find some rest for yourselves this summer

Today was my daughter's last day of 7th grade. She emerged from the school into the bright sunshine, clutching her yearbook, the pages covered with scrawled notes from classmates.  It was a bittersweet year for kids and parents: challenging, awful, uncertain, exasperating... but I will miss being home with my daughter, and eating lunch together almost every single day.  That will never happen again.

Many of our kids have just finished up the school year, or will in the next couple of days. Fellow parents: WE MADE IT!  Whether we were stuck at home with a preschooler, helping a second grader navigate remote school, or helping an isolated teen find some grounding, parenting has never demanded so much of us.  WELL DONE, all of you!  And may you find some solace that this year is over, that we all did the best that we could, that there were blessings along the way, and that we can now exhale... a little bit.

Blessings to all you parents- and may you find some rest for yourselves this summer, because you need it!!