Meaning, Purpose and Belonging

Good people of West Parish,

This Sunday is our Annual Meeting.   I know!   Our Annual Meeting!   I will barely be able to sleep the night before from the excitement.

At this point you are either thinking: “She has lost it.”   Or,   “She’s obviously being sarcastic.”   Because who gets excited for a church annual meeting?!   Well, I do.   And perhaps you will, as well.

Because while the meeting will include some numbers and spreadsheets, and we will do some voting and reporting, this meeting is also about WHO WE ARE.   What is important to us as a congregation?   Where is our money going?   What are we giving?   How are we using our gifts?   How is our ministry impacting the world?

And these questions are exciting.   Because they are about the most important things: meaning and purpose and belonging, and how together we are making the world a better place.

So join us after church this Sunday! Come for lunch, whether you are a member or not, whether you’ve been coming for 50 years or a couple weeks – you are invited!