MLK, Jr. and the Church

Good people of West Parish,

I’m going to say exactly what I’m pretty sure I said a year ago: sometimes I want to crawl under my desk, curl into a fetal position, and never come out. The fires in Australia. The ongoing impeachment. The rhetoric with Iran. Earthquakes in Puerto Rico. A kidnapping in Springfield, MA. Ongoing division, suffering and violence. The world can seem in utter chaos at times. But there is also the progress, the beauty, and the hope! There are good people around the world working for peace, health and healing. There are communities of faith seeking connection, truth and love. And we are one of those places — where we gather the strength and the resolve to love our neighbors. Martin Luther King, Jr., who we remember this weekend, spoke often of the role and responsibility of the church. Join us this Sunday as we say goodbye to the Blas family, and remember the church’s calling in a broken world.