Most Glorious of Days!

Good People of West Parish,

I was in Target the other day, browsing the aisles of the Easter section.   And my goodness, what a selection!

Candies of all shapes and sizes, all kinds of Easter baskets, plastic “grass” in 6 colors, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, peeps, rabbit figurines, banners, egg coloring kits, Easter plates and cups... well, you get the idea.   There was SO MUCH Easter stuff!

And then, way up on the highest shelf, I spotted something that didn’t seem to belong.   “Look!”, I cried to my daughter. “Chocolate crosses!”   Of course, my daughter rolled her eyes and said,  “Oh mom. No one would want those except you.”

Now I don’t think that’s entirely true!   But obviously, my 10-year-old is on to something.

For most Americans, Easter is no longer a religious holiday. It’s a holiday of bunnies and egg hunts and candy and brunch — which is fun and wonderful!  But it does make it challenging for those of us in the church to focus on what exactly we’ll celebrate this Sunday.   Easter: if it’s not the miracle of butterflies and colored eggs, then what is it?!

Join us this Sunday, for the most glorious of days, as we sing of the resurrection and reflect on its meaning for us.